Favorite herbal penile

A  lawsuit against the manufacturer of the favorite herbal penile enhancement product on behalf of purchasers, accusing the company of using deceptive and false advertising with bogus statistics to tempt tens of thousands of hundreds of adult men into purchasing its own supplement.

The moment the class-action lawsuit is licensed from the court, then it’d reflect purchasers around the nation. “The adverts left replicated unsubstantiated claims using the intention of drawing and using adult men’s insecurities,”

one of the attorneys representing consumers against Berkeley. “In our opinion the primary result needed on its own users would be to shrink the magnitude of their pockets ”

Currently running a national advertising effort using innuendos plus also a quiet”Smiling Bob” spokesperson,” Berkeley formerly promoted in a nationally multi-faceted effort with claims which the product would actually increase the magnitude of the guy’s genitalia.

A Few of the claims in advertisements in magazines like Esquire and Gentlemen’s Quarterly include:

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